Since Snapguide’s iPhone app went live in March, it is up to about 1 million active users, who are uploading quick how-to guides on everything from how to clean your Keurig brewer to making salted caramel glaze to switching your iPhone to a prepaid AT&T subscription plan. In all, there are “tens of thousands” of quick how-to guides uploaded to the service so far. Having realized success on the iPhone, now Snapguide is now making the leap to the big screen. On Thursday, the iPad app will go live in the iOS App Store.

Snapguide iPadThe app has come a long way from creator Daniel Raffel’s initial inspiration to share a complicated sourdough bread recipe with a couple of his friends. The app has always been mobile first: the initial idea was to use the iPhone’s high-quality built-in camera to take a few snaps of the steps of your activity…

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