Tim Cook is fond of saying that the great thing about Apple is that you can fit all of its products on one table. After today’s event, they’re going to have to get a bigger table.

Apple(s AAPL) introduced a slew of new products on Tuesday, including three upgraded Macs. But most interesting was the expansion of the iOS lineup. Not only did we get a smaller iPad today with a 7.9-inch screen (as expected), but a brand new 9.7-inch iPad just a few months removed from its last major upgrade. To be sure, the improvements to the larger iPad are mostly internal: it has a faster A6X processor, a bump up from the A5 processor the third-generation iPad, and improved LTE radios that will make the device compatible with more carriers around the world.

Combined with the new iPhone 5, and the new iPod touch and iPod nano introduced…

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