Worried that Psy’s ubiquitous dubstep beats hadn’t yet permeated every spare corner of pop culture? Upset that last year’s totally bonkers “Party Rock Anthem” Halloween light show got shut down by the local homeowners’ association? Well cheer up, camper, because a humble abode in Leesburg, Virginia, has stepped up to the plate to deliver the Halloween song and light show of the year.

Over 8,500 lights and about 250 channels of computer animation let the house sing and light up to Psy’s “Gangnam Style” — an epic song of love, horse dancing and Seoul real estate. The lip synching pumpkins don’t dance, but it’s still pretty great to see them all chime in for “Hey, sexy lady!”

(VIDEO: Shades Down, Neighbors: House Sets Dizzying Light Show to ‘Party Rock Anthem’)

Edwards Landing Lights, which designed the display, has Halloween-themed light shows for 13 full songs, as well as 4…

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